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Maintenance and management coaching

85,00 €
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25+ years of experience in Management, Maintenance, recruitment, projects, upgrades and policy settings, in addition to PMP, MMP and CMRP certifications assure the quality of service that you will receive

  • I will recommend actions that will guide you to solve your current problems, develop your career or improve your business performance based on the discussions we shall held together
  • Our services are in Arabic or English or both
  • خدماتنا بالعربية أو الإنجليزية أو كلاهما
  • This will be achieved along 4 hours of Google meet or chat via Google chat or LinkedIn that can be booked separately. We can agree on a different communication style you prefer
  • Together we shall select the suitable time for our Google meetings Usually between 9:00 GMT+3 and 18:00 GMT+3
  • I will receive your requests between 9:00 GMT+3 and 21:00 GMT+3
  • On the follow-up we shall have time to explore and tune the recommendations so you can reach your goals
  • All what we offer are recommended solutions that worked in various business and projects setup. You have the full rights to accept and apply our recommendations, tune it based on your situation or discuss alternatives
  • The recommendations are based on your description and awareness of the problem - that will improve through our sessions- and your current field situation
  • This package (85 Euro) can be used to investigate problems, projects, troubles, new ideas or whatever can enhance your professional career.
  • Maintenance can be made an added value to the business by analyzing the current condition and committing to the needed remedies. Together we can discuss
    • The Maintenance Process and adjust it to the best practices
    • The maintenance documentation and close the gaps in it
    • The strategy and set SMART goals
    First Session will be Initial an investigation and Recommendations for the current condition. Following session will be based on a set of questions customized for your case and so on. You can book next session freely when you are ready to continue on this great journey.
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