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Setup your maintenance activities for success

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Maintenance can be made an added value to the business by analyzing the current condition and committing to the needed remedies.

Together we can review:

    • The Maintenance Process and adjust it to the best practices (Initial Package)
    • The maintenance documentation and close the gaps in it (Knowledge Package)
    • The strategy and set SMART goals (Practice Package)
    • This can also be used to investigate problems, projects, troubles, new ideas or whatever can enhance your professional career.
  • A Summary report of the discussed findings and recommendations will be submitted 1 day after the consultation
  • This will be done via independent sessions so you have the freedom to continue as long as you want and need

Session (1 Hour - 40 Euros) includes:

One (1) consulting hour via Google Meet. Usually between 09:00 GMT+3 and 18:00 GMT+3.

OR, a One (1) Hour chat via social Google Chat or LinkedIn

First Session will be Initial an investigation and Recommendations for the current maintenance condition. Following session will be based on a set of questions customized for your case and so on. You can book next session freely when you are ready to continue on this great journey.

25+ Years of practical experience and the professional certifications assures the quality of support that will be provided.

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