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The Future of Maintenance – Part 13 – The importance of the mindset

What is mindset? And, How to build it in a way that helps us reach our targets? These questions can be the most important ones to shape our personal future and the future of maintenance in general.

Our mindset is simply the mental construction in our minds through which we perceive the world around us. This mental construction usually evolves with the experiences we face in life and work. Its evolution is bind to the environmental conditions in the surroundings. This includes geographical effects, cultural effects and social media bias. It is not an easy job to isolate our minds from those conditions and create a mindset of our own. A better solution is to be aware of where the environment is leading you. Then to make a conscious decision of what you accept or what you reject and more importantly of where you want to go and what you want to be.

What is mindset?

If you refer to someone’s mindset, you  mean  their  general  attitudes  and the  way  they typically  think  about things.

We have to change people’s mindsets and motivate them. 

Flexible working was part of the mindset of the company from the start. 

Collins Dictionary

Let’s go through an example that will bring our mental construction or mindset closer to our understanding.

Sometimes we have a blurry image of our reality. This happens when we are taking our first steps into a new page of our life. Suppose that your learning a new instrument or you are in your first weeks in a new work or the university. Many words, guidance, signs, locations, jargon used between those in this field for years are merely sounds with no meaning. Maybe we try to foresee what could those words mean from our library. Few months or few lessons later we either get shy from what we were understanding in the beginning or we turn it into a joke .

This applies to almost everything in our life and work. Whenever something new shows up, we perceive it through our current mindset. With time, we start to understand it in a better way. This growing understanding might lead to resisting this new comer, adopting it or something in between. But, we need to keep in mind that regardless of our reaction, our mindset had an effect on what is happening as we are part of it . Moreover, what happened had affected our mindset.

How to balance our reaction to the influences from our environment so we don’t resist it but at the same time we don’t surrender to it? That’s a good starting point to take control of how our mindset evolves.

Consciousness is our starting point

Let’s start by a basic definition of consciousness from Sceintific American

Consciousness is everything you experience. It is the tune stuck in your head, the sweetness of chocolate mousse, the throbbing pain of a toothache, the fierce love for your child and the bitter knowledge that eventually all feelings will end.By Christof Koch on June 1, 2018 on Sceintific American

The most important aspect of consciousness is that there is no absolute perception about one thing. What we see as absolutely true is our own perception about it based on our mindset. Moreover we may resist any opposing opinion to it. This was explained very nicely by Deepak Chopra in the following quote:

We become more and more entangled in our stories, and in this tangle, we forget how stories are made and unmade. Someone who always votes with a leftist party and cannot abide the views of the rightist party—and vice versa—has become entangled in a construct (politics) that can become all-consuming.How Reality Is Made: The Play of Consciousness
By Deepak Chopra, MD

The first step to consciousness is to hold an opinion but to be flexible at the same time to accept that your opinion is truth that may have flaws , and the others’ opinion , even you see it as wrong, may hold some truth in it. The trick is to stand outside all stories and to start tracing them back to perception and interpretation. That’s consciousness. It is how aware are you of your opinions, reactions, perceptions, generalizations , and how ready are you to view them as a third person and to question their origin. Then to decide consciously whether to keep or change this perception based on how it supports or limits you. Creating a personal reality through our believes doesn’t make you isolated or consumed in your environment as long as you are consciously questioning what is influencing your life. That is what makes us more complete and freer as human being

Do not hold tightly to your mindset but don’t allow it to drift to what is not serving you

We know that circumstance, people, things, events and news influence our life. For example you may be afraid that another lock down or something similar will stop your small business and you will lose your investment.

Let us take this example and build an illustration on it. Now, you are so afraid that you feel tied up and can do nothing. But, this idea and feeling are from some future condition that didn’t occur. However the collective awareness is believing in it. Then, you are to some extent resisting this condition. This means that you are surrendering to the collective expectation about it. This situation drains your energy from what serves you and add it up to the pendulum that doesn’t serve you.

Now, to continue thinking in that doesn’t serve you is nonsense because you are repeating the idea more and more to deepen it inside your consciousness. So, let this idea exist don’t resist it and don’t surrender to it and think a new idea that serves you. Think that you will find a way to continue your business even if a lock down occurred. When you are in the midst of the collective consciousness, it is not an easy job to create creative idea from within the old consumed ideas and, the frightening ideas that are infinitely repeated. There are many ways to go out of this deadly trap and to select a different destination for you. We shall simplify two ways below.

Rescue method one:

Ask your self positive questions about how you want your present and future to look like. A Negative questions means you ask how something will not happen, that’s a negative question. A positive question to ask what are the good things that will happen in your timeline? or to ask What I can do to make my business prosper?

It might seem difficult but that’s the most efficient because you open your consciousness to receive in your environment answers that supports the direction you want through circumstances, people, things and events.

Rescue Method two:

When you find it difficult to ask what you want specially when it is contradicting to the collective consciousness, then, write what you don’t want on the left side of a paper. This should be easy because you are focusing on it all the time. You don’t want this and this and that to happen. Write what you want to happen instead of each item the right side of the paper. Example, I want my self and all my customers to be free to move out of their homes, is opposite to: I don’t want a lock down. Another example, I want to reach people in their homes, is opposite to: No one will come to my shop. Cut the left side of what you don’t want and tear it into pieces. Focus on the right side and repeat it to yourself many times a day. Your obedient reflection environment will start to shape itself to bring you what you focus on i.e. what you want which is simply what serves you best.

In conclusion,

Our environment influences our mindset. We live our life through our mindset. When our mindset is set through the programming of our subconscious mind with imposed ideas. This mindset blocks our view of alternatives to the existing and prospected events on the time line. This way we live an expected life as all those who surrender to the collective consciousness. On the other hand, when we resist the huge energy of the collective consciousness we drain our energy and add it to the pendulum created by the resistance and support of this generalized idea or destination. The escape is in changing our attention to what we really want in our life and to ignore the society second-hand and fearful perspective of the future. Like this we are building a mindset that we will love to live through it. We shared together a couple of exercises that will help us reach a life filled with what we love. Stay safe and believe in a better tomorrow, you are the only one capable of creating it in your life.

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