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The Future of Maintenance-Part 7-Future starts here and now

All what we have is whatever available for us to do or ask about in this here and now moment. It is not important how big is what we are doing here and now but surely it is on the track to what we want.

Everything that flourish starts from within us here and now. Those that starts and fade with time are just alternative options. Those optional directives or thoughts are all the time showed to us. Some call it distractions and some call it consciousness. When you are conscious then you are aware of what’s going on around you and what’s displayed on your screen. The real consciousness is in the decision making. You decide which alternative you will by in to and why. Then you test your choice against your emotional body. Would this choice leverage my energy and keep me enthusiast? Or do I feel it heavy and putting me down just from thinking about it?

Anyhow, you have the freedom to chose and to change your selection. However, changing your route so repeatedly is as bad as selecting a route that feels heavy. Both of them won’t take you forward toward where you see yourself in the future. Always we make selections in the here and now frame. We select from the alternatives we have at hand. But at the time when we think that what we have in hand is not what we want, there are other optional routes that we had overlooked them. That’s why coaching and mentoring are helpful in those instants. They just draw your attentions to the opportunities in life that looked blurry due to distractions.

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What is in here and now to start from?

All whatever you need to do now is available for you here and now. It doesn’t need to be something magnificent or extra ordinary. It’s just whatever is available within the reach of your hands. This doesn’t mean that it is something physical. it can be just asking the right question and being attentive to the answers. You can ask yourself, your friends, your team, your boss, just ask for what you want. The answer you will get is always enveloped in the question you send. If you ask while expecting a ‘No’, you will get it. while if you ask while believing that you will get a ‘Yes’, so, that’s what you will get. Maybe you think the answer will guide you, so that’s what you will get: a guide.

However, the key is to ask the right question. The right question is clear and straight forward about what you want. Never ask “How Not to…?”. Ask “How to do….?” . Then, the answer will take you a step forward to what you want.

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What is available for you now can be just collecting more information about the subject. It can be some brainstorming about how to do reach to this target. Or it can be a hand written scratch for a plan. Your plan can start from any point. It can start from the one step that you know now that you need to do. The previous and next steps will flow to your stream of thoughts smoothly afterwards. Then the steps will fall logically in their correct order.

Simple physical action

Any physical effort that you can do now will even take you nearer to your target. You can contact a vendor, attend a seminar even online, take a step of preparation. Any system or advancement to the system needs a complete awareness of what we do here and now. Are the equipment recorded and correctly marked at field to match the documentation? Do we record the activities and the feedback? Do someone collect the feedback and triggers an action? All this and more we had covered in our training Secrets of a Maintenance Program in English and Arabic

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Where to go from here and now?

In here and now, you have where you want to reach. So, you roughly know your destination. Maybe the route to it is not clear yet, but at least you know where you want to go.

But, what if you don’t know where you want to go. In other words, you don’t have any future target to work for. This situation is somehow doubtful. Because either your workplace doesn’t have targets for its business units or, you are not aware of your workplace targets. Both assumptions are not that promising on the long term. When a company is just producing some service or physical product without any future vision then, it is actually moving backward relative to its competitors. On the other hand, if the company is not engaging all its business unit with its future vision then the team efforts are not streamlined. This creates internal friction and braking force to the forward momentum. The other option is that you personally are not synchronized with the workplace directions. And this will create a continuous feeling of unease.

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Alternatively, you might have your own professional targets for yourself and your future being. This will lend you a momentum to move forward . This momentum will be magnified as long as it is aligned with the workplace forward pushing. Or, at least not opposing it so you are not breaking each other momentum.

As we had explained before trying to stay in your place means you are behind those moving forward. If the digitization, AI-Artificial Intelligence-, industry 4 & industry 5 are the current industry standards, then overlooking the opportunities to catch them won’t be in your favor after few years.

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How to be Here and Now?

That’s one of the correct question. Because you are asking how to reach where you want. We can start by simple practices like chewing and feeling the taste of our food and drink. Avoiding thought whirlpools that include negative assumptions that takes you no where. Soothing the feelings associated with bitter or frustrating memories. We all make mistakes and we shall continue to. That’s part of life. This can be limiting, boosting or teaching. It depends on your perceptions and angle of view . Without all those who tried to fly and failed the Wright brothers wouldn’t have learnt to look differently and out of the box. So instead of waiting to find a way that a flying body can adjust its balance to fly, why we don’t adjust its balance manually during flying?!

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Also, a simple practice is to scan your body. This practice is simple when you get used to but it is hard to start. If you have never scanned your body before, then usually you don’t know where to start from. Usually we feel our body parts when it hurts us otherwise no. Even when we feel a pain in one part we try to stop the pain and no have this feeling anymore. On the contrary, delving deep into the black hole of our pain will create a peak then easiness. That’s needs some courage. When you have no pain, you don’t feel your body parts. That’s when you need to bring your attention to this body part to feel it while scanning it.

How this relates to work?

That’s not far from our feelings towards our daily tasks. Those tasks that cause us no troubles we are never here and now with them. We are attentive only to the sources of issues. To apply same body scan philosophy to your daily task, bring your attention to what you are doing now. And, only to what you are doing now. So if you are reading this article, then now “I am reading”. What was the last paragraph about? Which point I liked the most? What is my takeaway?

In Conclusion,

All what we have is whatever available for us to do or ask about in this here and now moment. It is not important how big is what we are doing here and now but surely it is on the track to what we want. This article has some important questions and proposed answers. We crafted answers to “How to be here and now? And, how this is related to work?”, Where to go from here and now? and, What is in here and now to start from?

If you feel you need help with any of these ideas we discussed, drop us a line for initial investigation in the form by Clicking here or request Management Consultancy or Coaching Services From our Store

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