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What happens when you have a desire to do things differently?

After you reach an awareness of the external and internal forces affecting your desire, you will have a deliberate choice of what you will do next on the track of pursuing or postponing your desired goal. Detailed explanation and tactics are in this article.

Below is a link to our well-being inspirations about desire. However, in this article, we are going to map it into the world of maintenance. So what is a desire? What happens when you have one? All of this and more is in this article.

What is a desire?

to want something, especially strongly :

I desire to drive an electric car soon (example)

The spark that comes to your mind that you want to do something, is a spark that might ignite a desire. When you allow this spark to fuel an intention and some actions, then you allow it to grow and live to be a desire. This desire will drag you through the route that will fulfil it. When you feel tired, exhausted or angry from the bumps you face, you desire will give you a boost to continue. That’s what recharge your battery to overcome obstacles and creatively craft your way to this goal. This is called the desire. Regardless of the essence of your goal or its size, you will face some internal and external resistance.

What are the forces that affects your efforts to fulfil your desire?

There are two (2) sets of forces that acts upon any moving energetical or physical bodies. The forces that resists its forward progression and tries to pull it back or create bumps in its way. And, those forces that push it forward or at least guide it to a side easier road or shortcut.

Some of those pulling-back forces are external ones from the environment we live. It is the same environment where we shall deliver or receive our fulfilled desire. While other forces are internal ones. They were either programmed in our subconscious mind due to repeated social patterns or experiences or coming naturally from your intuition.

The pushing forward or helping forces are also internal and external. To receive external help, either your desire when fulfilled will be a part of a bigger whole that supports you as your achievement is a step on the way to fulfil their bigger goal or target. Or, you may find an external support from someone who believes in you or a mentor or coach. A very basic example of organizational support can be seen if your organization is planning to establish internal audit group and you are working to get certified as an internal auditor

By the way, in the midst of the flow of the previous thoughts we said that either you receive your desire or you deliver it. In reality, everything has both side; taking and giving.

Receiving and Giving both work together

When you have a desire to have an EQS SUV. To receive it you pay for it, so you give money and also Mercedes need to have a desire to deliver such technology-advanced luxury car and receive its cost.

Let’s take another example. What if you want to get a Bachelor degree in Engineering. You give effort and time but maybe not money if you were in a public university. The university is delivering the education material and testing the students as part of its mission to enhance the work force by qualified engineers. On delivering qualified engineers, it will continue to thrive and receive more funding and students. Same example applies for you if you think of volunteering for a non for profit organization. You will give effort and time. Same time, you will receive recognition, experience and more over self esteem.

A fourth example comes from the the workplace. You desire a promotion and you work hard for it. When you achieve this higher position in your organization hierarchy, you will receive more benefits and have more power. Also, you might be indulged by the prestige of the new position. However you had already given some effort to reach this position and you will continue to deliver the duties of this managerial level.

However, the most important forces are the internal ones. They either maintain and fuel your desire to continue shining or, extinguish it. But, you need to be aware of the real feelings that motivates you. Is the fear or the ego the real root of these thoughts or is it your higher good? You will find a spiritual approach about that in the article we shared in the very beginning from Holistic Well-Being

Who is in control of your internal guide?

Do you remember our previous chat about the the inner work? You can find it here: It is inner-work not extra hard-work that creates achievements. It explains to you how the emotional body, the intellectual body and the soul dwell within you. You need to listen to each of them and then balance their desires to go where your intuition will take you. The emotional and intellectual bodies are subconsciously programmed by the environment we live in and the experiences we go through.

Your reaction to the desire spark denotes your internal believes aka internal program. Your reaction and following stream of thoughts pop up from different internal sources. They may suppress it with logical impossibilities to create this change then it will fade away. On the other hand they may support it with affirming feelings and encouragement. But that’s a rare condition as they are always afraid to leave what they are used to and try new things that they might fail in.

How to be in command of what you want to achieve?

Being aware of the first intuitive reaction and the stream of logical thoughts there after and, understanding that they come from different sources that might have conflicting interests, gives you the control over your life.

Your reaction come up in the form of feelings. You may feel cheerfulness, willingness, easiness, hope as a first reaction to the spark. This means that your inner guidance agrees with building upon this desire. While, if you feel afraid, angry, tight or anxious as a first reaction this might indicate that this new idea is not in your favor. Never forget this initial feeling while pursuing to fulfil your desire and bring it true.

Also, be aware of the fact that your ego, your emotional or intellectual energetical bodies can be the source of such a spark. They seek to fulfil a target that satisfies or protects them through using you to physically fulfil it.

Your subconscious social programs -Social conditioning- runs an Your subconscious social programs -Social conditioning- runs a stream of thoughts that opposes or affirms this first reaction. You need to slow down your stream of thoughts using the technique we shared in this article. Then, you, as the conscious observer of all those intermediating or subtle forces that dwell in you will chose which route you want to try, which risks you want to take and what you really want to achieve

A final note, Social programs are those subconscious programs that are written in your mind and emotions then run autonomously based on an external stimuli. The surrounding environment enforce the programing and running of those programs through your society whether at home, at gym, at park, at school or at work. In a coming article we shall touch the power of thoughts.

In Conclusion,

When you have a desire to do things differently, that’s a disruption to your current external and internal environment. This will create an external and internal resistance to what you want to achieve. After some time, you may find support in the external environment from those who will benefit from the change you intend to make or those who guided you to follow this desire. Internally where your soul, ego, emotional and intellectual body dwell, you need to take control of your life by monitoring the conflicting interests between those energetic bodies. You can only have a chance to monitor them by calming down your stream of thoughts and easing your emotions.

Then you watch out for your ego who is very sensitive to any change that might touch his set-in-stone image or labels. Lastly, you will have a chance to listen to your soul and intuition who had given you the very first subtle reaction to your spark of desire. At this stage, the internal battle reaches a truce. Then you reach an awareness of the external and internal forces acting on your desire. At this point, you will have a deliberate choice of what you will do next on the track of pursuing or postponing your desired goal.

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