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11 ideas to boost your team

In this chat we had described 11 practical ways to boost your team motivation and engagement. Many of them are super easy & within your reach.

As we like to say it at SimpleWays OÜ, Maintenance is for assets, Maintenance is done by the maintenance team, both assets and your team needs your care as a maintenance manager or supervisor. Together in the previous chat we had clarified why you need a boost between now and then. The maintenance team is no exception, they also need a refreshing boost between now and then. The difference is that you need to look after your boosts while your team needs your support to gain one. This chat will include plain, direct to the point ways to boost your team engagement. Engaged team, is a team that cares about the quality of their work and the value they add to the organization. Below you can find 11 ideas that can refresh and boost your team

1.Bring some cakes to the meeting

This surprising action will bring a smile around the meeting or the office. Do not wait to have a valid reason for celebration like achievements or so. Just make it on random times.

2.Say “well done” in public and “you could do better” individually

Motivation needs continuous pumping of motivators till you reach a self motivated team. The self motivated team is on the top of Maslow’s Pyramid. Do not negatively effect by demotivating them or damping their energy. Anyhow, a pat on the back and words like “thank you” and “a-well-done-job” brighten the day of the team. It opens the door for this team member and others to chase this compliment. On the other hand if you can’t control your anger at mistakes, and turned the mistakes to a chance for improvement, this will create responsibility avoidance and disengagement within the team. Some people get disengaged when they see your anger poured publicly on others even if they are not part of the story.

3.Refurbish their workplace

Who doesn’t like to spend his time in a well furnished place. Moreover, offices and specially those near to production areas deteriorate faster. The feeling that someone is caring about how well is your work or office environment has a magical touch.

4.Occasional gatherings

Some good news and achievements are worth celebration. Celebration vibes are like the festival vibes, they carry happiness and and motivations within them.

5.Introduce new tools

Our inner childs never grow old, we just forget about them. New tools are like new toys, they bring childish curiosity to the scene. It even sets a challenging environment as everyone looks to master these new tools faster.

6.New Work Procedure

Work procedures are like daily routines. We need daily routines to ensure everything is done and nothing is missed. However, many of us get bored with time. Set regular intervals to review the work procedure partially and involve all levels in this review. New work procedures that drop from the sky are more teasing and resistance borne than those which carry the user contributions

7.Meaningful relevant training

Providing training in order to tick the check box of training provided in the report, is a waste of time, effort and budget. Make some surveys of what training is needed. Review the gaps in the performance and check how training can close those gaps. Match the work level or the responsibilities with the provided training to be relevant.

8.Mix Internal and external training

The internal exchange of knowledge is crucial to ensure the smooth flow of knowledge and experience. However the external training conveys a higher and more profound caring message. Simply it tells the employee that the organization is willing to invest in his development. You may find other ways to convey this message. However, make sure that who takes is who deserve it. Ill distribution of boosts can have a drawback on the other team members.


Development is a step higher than mere training. It has two sides. While, training usually indicate classroom education. And, it may include practical examples and life situations. However, development means a mix between introducing new structured knowledge and hands-on experience. That’s one side of the development. The other side is to provide next level training for the promising members of the team. So, either they are eligible for promotion or can do a higher level job.

10.Encourage creativity and reward it

Some of your team members have natural creative ability. They can find solutions to chronic or popping up unexpected problems. It just needs your consciousness and awareness of your team performance and problem solving capabilities. WARNING!! That’s not a call for micromanagement. Micromanagement are either hated, discouraging or creates indecisive team members. After putting the system in place and making sure it is well understood by everyone. The targets and guidelines are clear and respected. The margin of freedom available in at least 70% of the tasks will allow creative ideas to emerge. Your role to pickup those creative achievements and to exploit them by publicly rewarding this team or individual.

11.Speak on their behalf

Simple but makes a huge difference. Most of the time, the maintenance manager or supervisor is the window to his team. When you speak well to your managers about your team and not only about yourself, you make a healthy propaganda for your team. The perception that this is a winning team that can make miracles has a super boosting effect. A single word from a higher level or a top management level boss to one of your team members that he knows him by name and what good things he had done will put him on top of the world. He will have enough boost for years to come and other spiritually healthy team members would be eager to reach same level.

In Conclusion,

Leadership and consciousness are inseparable. You need to be aware of your team performance and flaws without micromanaging them. This gives you the opportunity to create individual and team boosts between now and then. In this chat we had described 11 ways to boost your team motivation and engagement. Many of them are super easy and others need a little or medium effort. However, all of them are within your approach. They are all proven, tested and experienced. Pick a few of them to try in the coming days and enjoy an engaged team. Don’t forget to enjoy your coffee however you like it, it is a bless.

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