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Why do you need a boost between now and then?

When we feel down we can’t see the boosts easily. So, we had collected some quick and others long term hacks that can boost your energy

Even when we are doing our regular acceptable job or study, we are faced with some intervals when we don’t feel like doing it. Nothing has changed. No nerve-breaking deadlines or extra work are required. No one had negatively interfered with our comfort zone. Actually everything is running within the routine we had created for ourselves and our team. But still we are feeling heavy, depleted and the self motivation is about to rock a ground bottom. We desperately look for a boost and resist feeling disengaged from something we love. Can we avoid such a daunting situation? Can we recover quickly? and few recommendations are below here.

There is no one formula to boost your performance. However there are many diverse ways available to give yourself and your team a boost. This gives you the freedom to select what suits best. The idea is to remember that it is not just a boost it is a rejuvenation. Whether you want lift your……self off the couch or you need to complete a lengthy marathon before a deadline, don’t spare a needed boost. There is a moment when you feel that you don’t have the potential to take one more step. Moreover, you start doubting the reasons that you need to go more further. Anyhow individuals as well as teams, both need a boost between now and then.

Why we may need a boost?

Simply because inevitably the enthusiasm and motivation diminish with time. Don’t look at this as if there is something wrong with you or your team. That’s a natural tendency in the humans. Regardless if it is your regular work, a book you are reading, a study to your next degree or certificate, your own project or a project for your company all tracks are modulated over a wave. This wave of enthusiasm and willingness to excerpt effort has its troughs and peaks

What happens is that with time and as things go to the autonomous mind or the auto pilot, we start to lose the focus on the details. This doesn’t mean that so far you are performing less than expected. But it was mastered enough to take less time and less attention to the details while the result is good as usual. This is not bad on the short term. However you loose engagement with time. Being engaged and reasonably enthusiastic about any subject has a sign for you, you are attentive to its details.

This situation can unfold in one of two ways. Either you manage to tweak a little the work or life routine or you move your comfort zone to the boredom area.

Business analogy of the engagement-disengagement wave

This wave of enthusiasm and willingness to excerpt effort has its troughs and peaks. To better understand this phenomena and relate it to the workplace, it is better to study its analogy to the business cycles.

Business schools had studied this cycle since long time. If you search for business cycle, you would come up with a lot of curves as the above one. Even if the business overall trend is showing improvement on the long run, minor cycles have troughs between now and then. Those troughs result from the external business environmental condition. However, business researchers had taken it as granted that it is a sign that an expansion is coming. Just you need to boost your business up during the trough.

Another business example

is the product life cycle. The good about it this time that business researchers relates the overall product life cycle to the overall human life cycle. They claim that the main difference is that the product needs to be intentionally killed or boosted. When boosted it can life for ages as the light bulbs. This analogy opens the doors for the boosts in the coming section.

Before delving into possible boosts. We can say that the peaks and troughs cycles are clear in the business The business team is well aware of this phenomena because it shapes the progress of a productive business unit. As the business generates profit, it invests in the researches to maintain the profit or generate more of it. On the other hand, human behavior studies fueled by business investment focuses on increasing the productivity of the workforce. Few studies only ended in a solution that doesn’t blame or claim the human incompetence. That’s why we need to research for our own knowhow of being productive and at the same time we feel joyful and charged with high vibes.

Possible boosts:

So, if it is natural to loose enthusiasm after some time from routine work, stress, what can we do to recharge our motivation to continue for another day or a period of time?

There are quick hacks that works like a charge sip and can save your day:

  1. A deep breath
  2. A silent moment
  3. Your favorite drink
  4. A future vision that creates a smile
  5. Listening to music or boosting vibrations
What about the long term boosts?

Those boosts works in analogy with the light bulb product cycle. It continued to develop over years to continue its presence. That requires a change in our daily routines or adding something different to it. This can include:

  • Change the order of things that you do within the day. Maybe not all but try to change the timing and duration of daily meetings.
  • If you go to work late, why you don’t commit to arriving early daily
  • What about boosting your technical knowledge by reading a book related to your profession?
  • Changing meals time and style. Why you don’t try a Keto program or intermittent fasting.
  • Taking a training course and applying what you learnt.
  • Learning a new skill and applying it to your business

Below you can find the links to our English & Arabic training courses that anchors and refreshes the maintenance program foundations. It includes a diverse knowledge about the maintenance as a business unit, the maintenance process, documentation and how o build them and many other topics. Give them a try so you can boost your maintenance management muscle.

In Conclusion,

Life and work, both of them include peaks and troughs. Troughs occur when we lose our self motivation and resist external motivations. During those times some boosts are needed to be able to continue. There are plenty of diverse boosts available. Unfortunately during the troughs we can’t see those tweaks easily. That’s why we had collected some quick and other long term hacks that can boost your energy. However your team needs some boosting too but that would be in a coming chat. Stay safe and enjoy your coffee

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