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Episode 3, A cheerful workplace, climb a mountain

A cheerful workplace is a workplace that is cheerful on the route to your targets even if you choose to climb a mountain to reach them.

When you want to climb a mountain you start from somewhere near its base. It is one of the adventurous sports that changes its doers a lot on the physical, spiritual and mental level. Each time and each mountain has its own flavor. Those heavily engaged with this sport enjoy every part of it. If you can’t tolerate the effort and the adrenaline rush at critical situations, then this sport is not yours.

There are other people who goes to mountain tops for various reasons. Some researchers, journalists, photographers, forest or environmental activists, governmental workers building some facilities there and so on. They don’t need to be all perfect mountaineers or enjoying this sport. They are doing their job and reaching the mountains’ top in various ways; cars, helicopters, balloons and other ways. They have their task there that they need to fulfill, they don’t have the willing or intention to climb the mountain. Moreover, they have a job to do at the top and they are fulfilling it perfectly.

Although, they don’t really gain the physical, emotionsal, mental and spiritual transformations the mountaineers gain. Those experiences are not part of Although, they don’t really gain the physical, emotionsal, mental and spiritual transformations the mountaineers gain. in reality, Those experiences are not part of their life experience. They have other experiences to gain, other critical situations to pass and other transformations to reach. Never look to them as below the real mountaineers.

Seek what you want not what others do

We all grow in every aspect regardless of our route. Routes vary but physical, mental and spiritual growth exist in every route. We are destined to grow regardless of our path. Growth opportunities are almost the same in every path. However, we are honored by the free will to grow or not. The decision of not to flow with life and grow is ou free choice. Nevertheless, we have a minimum level of growth that we can’t avoid and the universe pats onour backs to move forward. Then offers us rewards. After that it frightens us from being left behind. Lastly it kicks us -sometimes hard- to move forward. Resisting all these efforts may result in drowning in the life stream instead of flowing with it.

As we said we have the free will to select our route. You may decide to climb the mountain, camp on the way up and enjoy every step in it or take a car up to there. At the end of the day we all have our stories to tell.

How is climbing a mountain related to a cheerful Workplace?

How is this -climp a mountain- related to a cheerful Workplace?
Workplace is not different from our life outside it. Actually they are the two faces of these same coin or the parts of the same puzzle. If you come to know what you really want, you will focus on your path without judging others. Even if you are not clear about the destination you want to embark to, don’t judge others choices. Their choices are only theirs and yours are simply yours. However, this statement is so broad that we can’t just let it dominate the workplace. If we want to reach a certain target collectively then we need to serve this same target. Any team member work should fit to the other team members work so we complement each other to reach the common target.

The rowing team should be synchronized and to move forward. In case you are rowing alone, you can do what is best for you and at the same time it doesn’t negatively affect others. In most jobs there is a chance to be creative and to better. Even if it is highly restricted to do your job in a different way, seek the proposals time slot to introduce your best ideas. Coming to the proposals table with a pre judgement that no one will listen is a self sabotage. Your are killing your hopes and dreams. The persistence wins at the end of the day.

The important take away here is to reserve your effort and focus for your best move. As long as you are not in the position to perform this best move, put all your focus and attention to what you have in hand and doing it in the best way. Blame, claim, judgement, discrimination and similar traits serves no good to the health of the workplace.

Feel free to choose your route even it was to climb the mountain

So if your choice was to climb the mountain, go for it without undermining others or feeling sorry for yourself. Enjoy the trip in every way. If your mission was to only to reach the mountain top. Then no one asked you to climb it. You may take a helicopter, a balloon, a cable car or simply a car. Watch others to gain experience and understand more. One of the nice stories was about an AI programmer who had broken a leg and while recovering and starting to walk, she found that she walks better by looking at her husband steps. She came with an algorithm to help expediting recovery by watching and healthy example to reprogram our mind. Also, We can watch others to avoid their pitfalls. But not criticize or create goddesses out of them. We all have our successes and fails, strengths and weaknesses.

Planting light seeds in a dark workplace is not far from climbing a mountain with all the risk, challenges and excitement it includes. Your next footstep depends greatly on your current one. You can decide to detour on the third one. Then you might decide to go a little down after the fourth step and restart on a different track. It just needs patience and consistence.

The other team members will follow your successful steps to the top and they may avoid your pitfalls or repeat them. It is their choices and experience. When you reach up there, don’t misjudge those who are still down back there or who had retracted. At same time don’t be harsh upon yourself if you weren’t the first one of your team to reach up there. We all have our time track and our trips in life. It is vital to learn from others experience and to enjoy and excel in yours. Whether you climb the mountain or take another route. Stay excited with your story. You still have a chance to write a better one tomorrow.

In conclusion,

A cheerful workplace is a workplace that is cheerful on the route to your targets not after you reach them.

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