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Episode 8, A cheerful workplace, we are one divided into bodies

Have Integrity, be humble with others and avoid compromising the work needs let’s delve deep into the fact that we are one to see how to do it?

If they say that the universe is multiverse we are as humans the same. We are all multi dimensional and those dimensions are connected at our core. The miraculous fact is that all humans are connected at their core while each one lives in his universe. At our core, there is no physical world and material body. it is purely our essence. If we want to get separated from the others we need to disconnect our connection to our core and live from the material point of view only. How is this related to maintenance and workplace? Let us delve deeper and see

What connects us to feel as one?

Each one of us is a universe in its own. Before going to the workplace, think of housing blocks. Each apartment in the same housing block is a universe in its own. Sometimes each one in each apartment is living his own dimension of life. However the collective problems in this building block affects each one to a degree.

At the workplace we are physically co-located. This physical collocation makes us all share the same environment. The very basic environment we share is the air we breathe. If the air carries, solid particles, harmful gases, polluted with noise, extremely hot or cold, or any other harmful energy or substance, we are all susceptible to it. May be this exposure is in degrees but we are all affected to some degree. How we are affected with this environment depends basically on our body readiness to withstand and recover. However the more profound connection is at the energetic level.

The members of one team or workgroup, one shift or whatever the team divisions are, are physically sharing the same tasks. However each one is living the experience of every task from a totally different perspective. In some risky jobs, one team member is frightened, the next to him is courageous, while the third one is reckless. In such situations, the one with higher energy will drift the team vibes to his way.

How we work together? As one? or as Silos?

The normal pattern is the work in silos. We have an input and an output to our process. We are picky when we receive the inputs we are going to use but maybe we look for some compromise when delivering our outputs. There are two sides for this work scenario. The first one I received as an instruction in the beginning of my career. It was: “Mind your own business, no one will take care about except you, if you put your self in the others problem who will solve your problems?”

The second one I gained with time. Simply some sympathy and collaboration with the previous and following links in the work process smooth the whole process. That’s on condition that the final output is not compromised. This is only valid if the big picture is clear to all the team. However, in many conditions, the big picture is intentionally blurry. That blurry vision many carry good intentions as allowing each team to focus on his own business.

As a simple example, the communication protocol in the organization might state that emails are the main communication channel. However, some team members, peers, bosses or assistance workers respond better to short text messages (SMS) or phone calls. Being aware of those individual preferences, knowing the organization protocols and avoiding to be stubborn will allow us to draw the optimum communication plan that will serve us and will serve our colleagues better.

What varies among us?

Everyone is different. We have different backgrounds, different experiences, different education, different personalities and different roles in the organization.

Moreover, our life outside the workplace is different. This includes families, partners, children, neighbors, neighborhood and how we commute to work everyday. Not to forget that our bodies are intrinsically different. The body building, the immunity, the nutrition, and many more aspects to consider. those different aspects are blended together to create a unique you. This blend adds up more differences. Suppose that two team members have almost the same body structure that fits the physical work that they were hired for. However when under the pressure of work stress or, extreme environment conditions, they behave differently. Under stress, one of them might get angry, make mistakes, get ill, or quit.

On the other hand, two coworkers might respond similarly and behave exquisitely good under work requests, stress and overload. However, if you compare them from the differences we mentioned above as the background, experiences, education and personality, you might consider them on the opposite sides of the scale. The main reason is the blend of their life aspects. This blend yielded the same output. The main stream subconscious programming also guide different people to same desires. We had covered the main stream effect in our previous chat: Episode 6, A cheerful workplace, Are you cheerful at work?

How to get balanced between our pride and oneness?

Have integrity and be humble while keeping your pride. This trilogy is a magic guide to live between the different versions of us and the different versions of humans in different bodies. When you place this trilogy at your core, and maintain your connection to it, life would be simpler.

One of the best definitions for integrity, I found on indeed as part of the 83 traits that are the best core values for the workplace to thrive.

Valuing integrity in the workplace means that you strive to do the right thing, even when you think no one is looking. You may also value honesty, transparency and a commitment to doing what’s best for your clients, customers, teammates and company.

How you deal with the new comers especially when they are fresh? At this moment of their time line they are the weakest link in the workplace. Being humble in this position reflects your understanding of their temporary weaknesses and their blurry vision. Although, you need to take pride at your job, you don’t show off. Feeling pride at your job brings you a rewarding feeling of satisfaction that encourages you to continue. You can help others by showing them the high value of the job they do without exaggeration. Because we are all one, when you honor the small achievements of others, you open the door for a gratitude culture at he workplace. The culture of the workplace is part of the business environment. As we explained common workplace attributes aka business environment touches us all but at different degrees.

In conclusion,

To honor the fact that we are one, delve deeper into the understanding of our differences and common areas. Be open to see the common areas we share as co-location, sharing same environment, same risks and having the same needs. This opens the door to see our connection at the core level where we are all energies that holds no material body , belongings or titles. Even being mindful about the differences we have is a call to honor those differences and be humble with others. Anyhow, all those who share the same workplace need to avoid compromising the work needs whether focusing on the differences or the common areas.

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