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The Future of Maintenance – Part 10.1 – ChatGPT will empower you with a fish

ChatGPT responses can empower the new generation if used as a strong starting point. But, If the ChatGPT response will be used to escape a situation only, then it is worse than giving a hungry man a fish to eat because it will generate a superficial generation that can say or appear to know a lot but can do nothing.

If you didn’t read the quote below from before, then it is important to start imprinting it in your mind to know AI better. And know whether ChatGPT and similar AI tools will empower or disempower you?

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

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ChatGPT or similar AI chatbots, in most, gives you a general answers with good quality. This can help you ass an exam or an interview easily because that’s the best general answer. However, in its answers, ChatGPT is clear that it can’t provide precise information for a specific model. It keeps tailing its answers that you need to visit the manufacturer website or documentation or ask a specialist. Even, ChatGPT is clear about its nature as a text based chatbot. So it provides you with text based answers but no downloads.

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If you request this specifically as Download Siemens Transformer manual, it will tell you: “I apologize for the confusion, but as an AI text-based model, I cannot directly provide download links or specific steps for downloading documents or files. However, I can guide you on the general process for obtaining the required information for Siemens MV transformer oil sampling. To access the oil sampling procedure for a Siemens MV transformer, you can follow these steps: …….visit website, look for service, browse technical documents and products,…. If not then contact Siemens directly.”.

ChatGPT, does it empower users or easily give them a fish?

Well, it depends on what you will do with the answer. As we explained above, most of the interview or education questions are general and that’s what general AI tools are good at. On the other hand, you can program or teach your own AI chatbot to give you specific answers. That’s what we shall explain and demonstrate later on.

In reality those general answers are great starting points. Many times, or for many people the real struggle is where to start from. They have the capacity, willing and brilliance to elaborate. However, they need a starting point or an anchor to build upon. Those whom we call experienced had taught themselves through many trials and failures how to generate s starting point. Later on, being Agile, you will tune this point to suit the following steps. Even more, if you revert back after sometime, you may find that the core that exists now has no relation to what you originally started. Part of the experience is creating your memory that you can rely on to make a quick winning start. So, you know what to start with and what given data is distracting and which are missing.

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So, when you are hungry or in need, you need the fish. But after getting your fish, will you wait for a new fish tomorrow or will you start learning how to fish. This applies for every profession including maintenance. So knowing and speaking general answers without being able to apply them in specific situation is simply like creating a hologram. It is not real or existing in the physical world. On the other hand, focusing only on specific knowledge limits your growth. The magic is in the ability to juggle between speaking the general knowledge and applying it in a specific situation.

Can ChatGPT empower new new maintenance team members in the beginning of their journey?

Yes. For how long? As long as they want to stay at square zero. ChatGPT and other AI agents imitate the human experienced guys. So they reply with the best general answer. How to utilize this in a specific application? You build on the square zero knowledge where you didn’t know anything. Then you reach to step 2, 3 till you become the reference to the topic if you want.

When you are starting your career in maintenance, the knowledge available for you is too much to integrate within a short period. The biggest struggle is to know and speak the acronyms used in the work place. Some of these acronyms are commonly used and hence you can find them easily online. Others are very specific to this workplace context. Even more confusing, some acronyms are used differently in certain workplaces to what they globally mean.

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When you hear about transformer maintenance for the first time, this brings no relevant thoughts in your mind. If you asked it using ChatGPT, you will get a good starting point as the one in the coming section. Maybe your understanding of the steps has no strong relevance to what is actually in field but at least you are not lost anymore. Even you can elaborate and ask about specific steps as oil sampling or electrical testing and you get a good reply for it. But still this doesn’t tell you how to do this with your own hands. When the ambiguity decreases your self-confidence grows. At this point you can make more questions whether to your team or to ChatGPT.

A real conversation with ChatGPT about transformer maintenance

Now we shall elaborate on the transformer maintenance example we used above. In the course of preparing the new comer to the maintenance team, we ask him to dig for specific information. For Example we ask him/her to prepare the needed periodic maintenance for a MV transformer. Supposedly a one from SIEMENS.

The new comer in 2023 can start by asking the team. He can can also look at the maintenance documentation if any. What if the team doesn’t have a free time to explain to him or there is no maintenance documents. The fresh comer in 2023 will ask ChatGPT and the answer will something like below:

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Q: What is the periodic maintenance needed for a SIEMENS medium voltage transformer?


Siemens medium voltage transformers typically require periodic maintenance to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. While the specific maintenance requirements may vary depending on the transformer model and its application, here are some common maintenance tasks recommended for Siemens medium voltage transformers:

  1. Visual Inspection: Regular visual inspections should be conducted to check for any signs of physical damage, oil leaks, loose connections, or abnormal operating conditions. This can help identify any potential issues that require attention.
  2. Oil Sampling and Analysis: Regular oil sampling and analysis are crucial to monitor the condition of the transformer’s insulation system. It helps determine the presence of contaminants, moisture, and degradation byproducts in the oil, which can indicate insulation deterioration or other problems.
  3. Oil Level Check: The oil level should be checked periodically to ensure it is within the recommended operating range. Insufficient oil level can lead to inadequate cooling and decreased performance.
  4. Temperature Monitoring: Monitoring and recording the operating temperature of the transformer’s windings and oil can provide valuable information about its condition. Any significant deviations from normal operating temperatures should be investigated.
  5. Bushing Inspection: Inspect the bushings for signs of damage, oil leaks, or deterioration. The condition of the bushings is crucial for maintaining proper insulation and electrical performance.
  6. Cleaning: Keep the transformer and its surroundings clean, free from dirt, debris, and vegetation. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of contaminants that could affect the transformer’s performance or lead to insulation issues.
  7. Electrical Testing: Periodic electrical tests, such as insulation resistance measurements, turns ratio tests, and partial discharge measurements, may be necessary to assess the insulation condition and overall electrical integrity of the transformer.

It’s important to note that the specific maintenance requirements for a Siemens medium voltage transformer can be found in the manufacturer’s documentation, including the operation and maintenance manual provided with the transformer. Following the recommended maintenance schedule and guidelines provided by Siemens is crucial for ensuring the transformer’s reliability, safety, and optimal performance. Additionally, consulting with Siemens or a qualified service provider can provide further guidance on the specific maintenance needs of your transformer.

A chat with ChatGPT about periodic maintenance of a medium voltage transformer

How we can compare ChatGPT answer to the search engine results?

The answer received above from ChatGPT is a great starting point for any newcomer. This ChatGPT answer can really empower him to go on. Now he has some titles that he can chat further about and gain more knowledge. Even the ChatGPT answer is guiding him to look for certain manuals, their names and what to look for inside them.

However there is no much flesh in this answer. In other words, I can’t take them directly to create a useful maintenance program. Moreover, I can’t go directly to the field to do any of these. But if someone asked you about the topic and you used the ChatGPT response, you would falsely appear knowledgeable.

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If the new comer took this question to any search engine, it would return 1000’s of probable matching websites. Unfortunately this search on Google yield no useful results for a new comer or even an experienced person. Results are mainly from those offering maintenance services and, most of them about switchgears or voltage measuring transformers which are popular SIEMENS products.

The search engine would have the advantage of showing some images and providing some documents to download if available even from other suppliers.

Elaborating more and asking about one of the transformer maintenance tasks, would result a handy clear text also from ChatGPT but better results and manuals from Google Search Engine. as we can see below

ChatGPT and Google responses for “How to make transformer oil sampling for Siemens MV transformer?”

Q: How to make transformer oil sampling for Siemens MV transformer

ChatGPT response:

To perform oil sampling for a Siemens medium voltage transformer, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Safety Precautions: Before starting any maintenance task, ensure you have the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow safety protocols. De-energize and isolate the transformer from the power source as per established procedures.
  2. Gather Equipment: Prepare the necessary equipment for oil sampling, which may include clean sampling bottles, a sampling valve, tubing, a vacuum pump (optional), and a sampling guide or form provided by Siemens.
  3. Identify Sampling Point: Locate the designated sampling point on the transformer. Siemens transformers usually have a dedicated sampling valve or port for oil extraction. Refer to the transformer documentation or consult Siemens for the specific location of the sampling point.
  4. Clean Sampling Equipment: Ensure that the sampling bottles, tubing, and sampling valve are clean and free from contaminants. Use lint-free cloth or alcohol wipes to clean the equipment if necessary.
  5. Flushing (Optional): If the transformer has not been in operation for an extended period or if there are concerns about oil stratification or sediment, it may be advisable to flush a small amount of oil through the sampling valve before collecting the sample. This helps obtain a representative oil sample.
  6. Sample Collection: Connect the tubing to the sampling valve, ensuring a secure and airtight connection. Open the valve and allow the oil to flow into the clean sampling bottle. Fill the bottle to the recommended level as specified by Siemens or according to the sampling guide provided.
  7. Seal and Label: Once the oil sample is collected, securely seal the sampling bottle to prevent any leakage or contamination. Label the bottle with relevant information, including the sampling date, transformer identification, and any other required details.
  8. Handling and Transport: Handle the oil sample with care and ensure proper storage and transportation. Follow any specific instructions provided by Siemens regarding temperature, handling, and shipping requirements.
  9. Submit for Analysis: Send the oil sample to a reputable laboratory for analysis. Siemens may provide a list of recommended laboratories or offer their own oil analysis services. The laboratory will perform various tests to assess the oil’s condition, identify potential issues, and provide recommendations for maintenance or further actions.

It’s important to note that these steps provide a general guideline for oil sampling. The specific procedure may vary based on the transformer model, sampling equipment, and Siemens’ recommendations. Always refer to the transformer’s operation and maintenance manual or consult Siemens for detailed instructions specific to your medium voltage transformer.

Q & A from ChatGPT about How to make transformer oil sampling for Siemens MV transformer

As we said in our previous chat: The Future of Maintenance – Part 10 – ChatGPT Vs Search Engines; ChatGPT usually adds a disclaimer to protect itself against any damage resulting from his answer. Search engines leaves this for the website management to do so.

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This time Google will yield some useful results that include images and steps as those couple of results:

In Conclusion,

AI chatbots as ChatGPT can be very useful to provide general information that you can build upon. Whether this type of ChatGPT response will empower maintainers or make them lazy depends on what they will do with the response. If they consider it a starting point to know what to look for in much details that would be as if taught to fish. If the ChatGPT response will be used to escape a situation only, then it is worse than giving a hungry man a fish to eat because it will generate a superficial generation that can say or appear to know a lot but can do nothing.

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