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Unlock a hidden skill; learn how to drive your mind

What makes the skill of driving your mind a hidden one? Is it a skill in the first place? If so, Do you know how to drive your mind?

What makes the skill of driving your mind a hidden one? Or why it is not What makes the skill of driving your mind a hidden one? Or why it is not one of the skills that are on the skill set needed for any hobby or task? By the way, is it a skill in the first place? if so, do you know how to drive your mind?

When we think of a skill, what pops up in our minds are the skills that have an externally linked output. In other words, the skills that lead to a physical or a tangible output. Example: the managerial skills that are linked to the guiding or leading the team to perform some task. So, you may have organizing skills welding skills, troubleshooting skills or even survival skills that you use during camping. All those skills are linked to the external world and helping you producing a tangible output.

On the other hand, the skill of driving your mind doesn’t have a solid measurable output. But, should a skill have a solid output? Let’s delve to some of the literal definition of skill to understand the subconscious perceptions we had inherited about skills:

Definition of skill:   the ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance of learned physical tasks. Or, a learned power of doing something competently a developed aptitude or ability


Why we need to drive our mind? is it not capable of working by itself?

Our mind is capable of more than we think it can. However, not understanding its true capabilities and its performance might end up by leaving the commander position to it. Well, this statement might look like as if we are fighting with our brain around who will take the lead in our life. Actually this is not the case. All the time even if we are sleeping, our mind is fully working, but it maybe at a lower intensity and different frequency. When we are not in the commanding position, our mind drives our life to the best of the routine programs and perceptions we have. This control had saved our lives many times when we were not fully conscious of what was running around us.

The brain has many other crucial functions to our life that it consumes around 20% of body calories intake to stay healthy and perform its regular functions. Its regular function includes controlling our responses, motion, interpretation of our sensors.

I had practiced it personally while driving my car, not my mind. When I was partially sleepy or not in full control after a long work night, I realize between moments of full consciousness that the scenes change around me, car colors change but thank god, I am safe. I can’t claim completely that it was my mind, I need to give some gratitude to the guarding angels appointed by the creator to protect me. But anyhow, I think my mind was acting like an autopilot well programmed.

Do our mind exploits the good and bad scenarios equally?

Unfortunately and up to what I had read and my personal experience, It exploits the probable bad scenarios. It builds too much on what might go bad and in all the possible ways. That’s its main role; to protect you. So if you don’t ask it about the good chances and expected better opportunities out of the new track you had decided to take, it will bring you all the possible wrong situations and outcomes. Just to make you afraid of the unknown. This way it believes it can protect you. This continues with every new idea, unless you intentionally bring the possible good results to your thought stream. Until you intend to see what good things are expected to come your way and how the situation will turn to be in your best good.

It tries to protect you by bringing you all the possibilities that things It tries to protect you by bringing you all the possibilities that things might turn wrong based on all the previous situations. Moreover, when you bring the good expectations to the table, it tries to defy them based on its logical stored approaches.

The problem is when we are in unconscious state all the time. Then, our mind is running our lives on the autopilot. Most probably, this autopilot is programmed based on old situations and the crowd consciousness. Anytime you are not full aware of what is running in your mind, you are unconscious. This might be when you are stressed, exhausted, afraid, working very fast to reach a deadline, and many other examples when we are not watching our thoughts. It is equal if you are half asleep or if you are consumed in one physical or mental task or if you are scrolling the social media apps. In all these situations thoughts flow from your subconscious mind.

How we can drive our minds?

Our mind can’t Our mind can’t bring us new solutions except when we are searching for them. That’s the real power of our mind. It can bring you multiple ideas mixed together to solve a complex situation. Some of those ideas, you are not aware that you actually know or had previously encountered them. You reach a higher level when you listen to you instincts follow it and your mind is accepting to process the new perspective your intuitions brings to the table. This higher level is as the expert level of any skill, you reach it with practice. After some time of practice, you reach your own blend that satisfies you the most. It is a mix between intuition, guided thinking, awareness, trust and acceptance.

Step 1:

To start, be aware of your thoughts stream. What shades do your thought stream throws on your day? If you see life as difficult, impossible and heavy, then your mind is trying to protect you. When you are anticipating a better outcome, a gratitude moment, or a smile, then you had reached a good agreement with your mind. Now you can drive your mind safely or at least the autopilot will drive it as you like.

Step 2:

Reprograming your mind needs consciousness about the type of thoughts that are running in your mind. Whenever they are not anticipating a better outcome to come, change them. In any situation, even the hardest, you can see little light here or there. Or at least a lesson that you won’t repeat this again. Any tight, confining or a heavy situation will pass away . That’s the nature of the ever running timeline we are obliged to live on.

Step 3:

You can do yourself a great favor by focusing on a better situation yet to come and asking yourself how to reach it. Asking yourself about how to reach the good you want will slightly drift you mind from accumulating all what you need to takYou can do yourself a great favor by focusing on a better situation yet to come and asking yourself how to reach it. Asking yourself about how to reach the good you want will slightly drift you mind from accumulating all what you need to take care of. It will use part of its huge power and energy that it consumes from our body to find you there way to the good that you want. If you are the one who is consciously anticipating the bad to come, don’t blame your subconscious mind.

Step 4:

Then when a subtle stream of bright thoughts starts to glow, flow with them and dwell in them for some time.

Why my head feels like puffed up and about to explode?

Simply because you allowed it to overthink. Overthinking is the act of playing and replaying situations or scenarios over and over again in your mind. Even without pushing the thinking accelerator any further the mind continues to exponentially increase our thinking rate. It thinks of other solutions and alternatives and scenarios. That’s equal when it is working to tell you how good things will unfold or what might go wrong.

That’s where the next skill of quieting you mind comes. Regardless of how good or bad the stream of thoughts is, your mind will beat and get overheated.

The easiest way is to consciously select to slow down the thoughts and go into an empty space of thoughts. This is not happening immediately. Otherwise you are looking for a shutdown that you won’t like. It is the simple shifting your focus to the clock ticks, the curtains movements, even the humming sound of running machines or people talking will be fine. Take a deep breath, hold it inside as along as you can, then exhale it as slowly as you can control it. Repeat this for few time, but a I assure you that you will feel better from the first time.

In conclusion, How this is related to maintenance and business?

That’s part of life. You have thoughts, dark or bright expectations, stressful moments and smiles. Dwelling in the dark side of thoughts or allowing your mind to over thinking won’t help you to accept then enjoy the moment. But can we enjoy a stressful moment? You will enjoy the faith in the bright moment following it.

This can only be achieved by mastering the skill of driving your mind. You drive it to dwell in the bright moments and you drive it away from the frightening thoughts. Moreover, you drive it to slowdown when it overruns. This skill of driving your mind is a fundamental skill that helps you enjoy and excel other skills. Suppose that you were trained to be the best engineer or manager. However, your stream of thoughts takes you strays in the real life situations. You won’t be able to bring your skills down to life. Enjoy your coffee in a mindful quiet moment, enjoy the aroma, the warmth and every sip.

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