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Well-Being Mindset – IV

Well-being is a multifaceted concept that encompasses various dimensions of life, each of which contributes to an individual’s overall health, happiness, and quality of life. We need to start by defining how well-being would look like for our body, being and world. Then we strive for balance and harmony across these dimensions for promoting holistic well-being and thriving in all aspects of life.

Well-being refers to the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy, both physically and mentally. It encompasses various aspects of a person’s life, including their physical health, mental and emotional well-being, social relationships, and overall quality of life. Well-being is not merely the absence of illness or distress but rather a state of thriving and flourishing in different areas of life.

When we discussed the Workplace Mindset -III, we had seen that organizations can target the well-being of its teams through fostering a positive, supportive, and inclusive workplace culture, organizations can shape a mindset that promotes employee well-being, engagement, and performance. Stress Reduction, Positive Relationships, Empowerment and Autonomy, Meaningful Work, Recognition and Appreciation, Physical Health Promotion, Continuous Learning and Growth, Work-Life Integration and , Emotional Intelligence are some of the means of reaching well-being in the workplace.

So, now to focus on understanding well-being itself so we can implant it in our life as well as our workplace let’s start with an excerpt from our sister website Holistic Well-Being: What is Well-Being?:

What is Well-Being?

One of the main doors that we can open for ourselves is the door of asking. The next best thing is asking the right question. The question of “What is Well-Being” is one of those right questions that can guide us to the best chapter of our life’s book.

Surely one time you had heard or seen the “well-being” word in an ad, on a podcast or heard it from a chat running next to you. All these coincidences were just invitations from the universe for you to introduce this term in your life. the best definition for coincidence I heard was from Late Dr. Wayne Dayer:

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In mathematics, two angles that are said to coincide fit together perfectly. The word “coincidence” does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly.

Wayne Dayer

So, when this term comes to you as through this chat, you are in the perfect time and position to ask this question and search for the “What is Well-Being?” regardless of what is running in your life either within you or in your environment. It is literally defined as “ the state of being happy, healthy, prosperous,… ” in MERRIAM WEBSTER. You will do yourself a favor by having well-being added to your daily life.

Define your personal Mindset about well-being

Simply, we need to have a clear image ( & not a blurry one) on how we want our life to be. To do so we need to look from the 3 aspects that can generate well-being in our life: physicality , spirituality and materialistic environment or in more common definitions our Body, our Being, and our World ..If you think we had overlooked our soul, don’t worry, it is always living in well-being just we need to connect to it at some point in our life.

If you need a refresher about what is mindset, you can refer to Life Mindset Handbook – I

Our Body, The Physical aspect of our being

Philosophers, scientists, and even religion people usually have a dilemma of what constitutes a human being. You can hear a lot of expressions about this among which soul, spirit, ego, mind, the higher mind, the conscious mind, energy body, physical body, and many others. But what none of them would misspell is BODY.

The body is simply the vehicle that carries us or we carry it with us all through our journey. This would depend on your definition of our existence. But anyhow, You wouldn’t be on this earthly journey without this body and you can’t elevate your spiritual experience on this earth without it. Even more, you won’t have the ability to poses any material objects without having this body. So, it needs our attention and appreciation.

That’s why we need to be clear on how we define the well-being from the point of view of our body. I will jot a few ideas and you can add your own understanding:

  • My body needs to be fit for anything I want to do
  • I want my body to stretch to do extraordinary things
  • It should be free from diseases
  • It needs to look beautiful (define beauty………)
  • As Active as possible
  • Gives me no pain
  • ……………………………..
Our Being, that’s our consciousness

It is the non-physical image that other people see us on when we are present and how they think about us when we are not around. How we think about ourselves when we are alone. How we define or describe ourselves and how others define or describe us. It is an imaginary figure drawn by thoughts. A well-being criteria for our self would look like this:

  • Creative
  • Peaceful
  • Cheerful
  • Positive
  • Generous
  • Helpful
  • ………………….add how would you like to see it.
Our World, All outside our body and consciousness.

Simply it is the material things that we have around us and we can be defined by them, some aspects of this realm would be:

  • Outfittings, is it more important to be comfy or branded or to convey a wealthy or beauty or sexy message?
  • Home, Simple, wide, with a view, functional, modern, classic, friends meeting point, calm,…….
  • Education, Certificate title, or certificate source or knowledge that I need best for me?
  • Job or career, that satisfies me, prestigious, provides abundance, matches my skills, improves my talent, show off, I love doing it,………..

So, give your self a chance to imagine, refine then fix what is your definition for well-being in each of the three aspects discussed above. Why? If you are not clear about how life would be satisfactory for you, how would you reach a destination you don’t know??….

Actionable steps that may help us reach well-being:

Let’s break down our Body, being and world into a more manageable blocks. This allows us to understand our multifaceted life and how we can reach well-being in each facet. So our life is multi-dimensional and we may try to enhance well-being in each dimension based on the definitions we reached above about it in relation to our Body, Being and World

Physical Dimension:

Physical aspect of our life refers to the overall health and vitality of the body. So we need to improve some factors in our life such as nutrition, exercise, sleep quality, and disease prevention. Physical well-being enables us to perform daily tasks effectively and maintain optimal functioning of the body.

Mental and Emotional Dimension:

The mental dimension of our life involves the state of one’s mind, encompassing emotions, thoughts, and psychological resilience. This means that we need to improve our abilities to understand and manage emotions effectively, experience positive feelings and cope with stressors. It is worth noting that mental and emotional well-being contribute to cognitive function, decision-making, and adaptive coping strategies.

Social Dimension:

Life Social Dimension relates to the quality of relationships and social connections in one’s life. The first step is to define the circles of relations that surrounds us. We start from the close circle of relations to the farthest circle that includes those whom we rarely connect to it. So, we need to define the type of relations in each circle as a first step.

Secondly we need to improve certain aspects of our life such as social support that we give or take, interpersonal relationships, and a sense of belonging and community. Strong social networks and meaningful connections with others enhance well-being by providing emotional support, companionship, and opportunities for social interaction. Here the quality of the relation is more important than the number of relations.

Spiritual Dimension:

Spirituality encompasses a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection to something greater than oneself. So try exploring questions of identity, values, beliefs, and existential concerns. Spiritual well-being may be derived from religious practices, philosophical beliefs, nature, art, or personal growth experiences.

Occupational Dimension:

Occupational life is one of the biggest dimensions in our multifaceted life. It is not only related to professional activities. It actually relates to what we do most of the time. Being a mother , a student or a care-giver. Each one of this can a fulltime work. Hence our well-being relates to the satisfaction and fulfillment derived from one’s work or professional activities. It includes factors such as job satisfaction, work-life balance, career development, and alignment with personal values and goals.

Occupational well-being contributes to overall life satisfaction and fulfillment in the whatever we do most of the time.

Environmental Dimension:

Environmental dimension points all around to what surrounds us So, well-being in this dimension pertains to the quality of one’s surroundings and their impact on health and happiness. It involves factors such as access to clean air and water, safe and sustainable living environments, and connection to nature. This might encompass efforts to protect and preserve natural resources for future generations. It all depends on the definitions you had made for your well-being.

Financial Dimension:

The Financial dimension of our life refers to the ability to manage finances effectively, meet financial obligations, and achieve financial goals. It involves factors such as income stability, financial literacy, debt management, and financial planning for the future. Financial well-being reduces stress and anxiety related to money and provides a sense of security and confidence in managing financial matters.

In Conclusion,

Well-being is a multifaceted concept that encompasses various dimensions of life, each of which contributes to an individual’s overall health, happiness, and quality of life. We need to start by defining how well-being would look like for our body, being and world. Then we strive for balance and harmony across these dimensions for promoting holistic well-being and thriving in all aspects of life.

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