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How to tune your transmission to the correct frequency of the solution energy field? & how to shield yourself from the wrong broadcast?

Maintenance is not just doing things repeatedly and constantly. Even though that’s the ultimate target of any system, it is not all time guaranteed. Any sort of industry that involves processes has dynamism. This dynamism creates changes from which challenges pop up. By default, the business environment involves the interaction between many variables. The target behind systemizing your processes is to minimize the variations between now and the coming moment. When big variations occur, the system whether human-based or automatic, should be capable of handling those challenges. Usually the human factor is more capable of handling those challenges by aligning to their solutions energy field.

What do we mean by the energy field?

Simply the energy field is a space that exerts a non contact force on what exists in this space or field. This applies for the gravitational force as an example. Same idea applies for the electromagnetic field (a physical field produced by electrically charged objects) which has both an Electric field and a Magnetic field.

Electromagnetic fields are a complex phenomenon because they can propagate through vacuum without the need for a material medium, they simultaneously behave like waves and like particles

Energy Transfer from Electromagnetic Fields to Materials
By Graham Brodie

Scientific America explains the subject more: “Have you ever wondered how a radio can receive music and news broadcasts over thin air? Radios, as well as radio-controlled cars and cell phones, all receive information via invisible waves. Some of these waves are called radio waves. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation. To send information using radio waves, a transmitting antenna sends out a radio wave at a certain frequency , and this is picked up by a receiving antenna. When current flows within a wire, it generates an electromagnetic field around the wire. This electromagnetic field radiates out of the antenna in all directions, creating invisible radio waves.”

MIT School of Engineering links this model to our brains: ” Radio waves and brain waves are both forms of electromagnetic radiation — waves of energy that travel at the speed of light. The difference between brain waves, radio waves, and other electromagnetic waves lies in their frequency. The human brain emits waves, like when a person focuses his\her attention or remembers something.  This activity fires thousands of neurons simultaneously at the same frequency generating a wave — but at a rate closer to 10 to 100 cycles per second.”

Tune your frequency to the energy field that serves you

When you face a challenge at the personal level, you mainly have one of two options. The first and troublesome one is to complain and complain. Then you shoulder the responsibility to someone else, some department, some manager, some circumstances . They’re responsible for creating this challenging situation. Then the bubble grows and you let all your energy be drained by this complain.

While the opposite direction is to accept the challenge. This doesn’t mean to overlook the source of the problem. Rather, it means that you place yourself above this challenge. Then you place your attention and focus on the possibile solutions. If this is not the first time you face such a challenge. And you have records of what happened before and how it was solved. Then, you focus would be on how to do it better this time.If it is the first encounter within challenge, then your focus should be on the vibes. What we mean by vibes? It means your team vibes, your own vibes and the working place vibes. You need to plant a seed that blossoms into a path to overcome this challenge and flourish to expected positive outcomes.

This way you create an energy field of the solution. Placing all your focus, attention, awareness, and so on in creating this energy field of possible solutions will bring the solution. Not necessarily that the brilliant idea of plan pops up to your mind, but it will flash to one of your team who had bought in to the idea.

Avoid tuning to the wrong energy field aka frequency?

Usually, the first idea or plan are not the complete or bullet proof ones. They will need updates, turnovers, side ways, support, but at least you are on the track. You should be clear about this to your team, your colleagues and the management. This step is crucial so they continue to believe in the idea and do not obstruct it energetically.

If you have doubt in your idea or solution, then you generate an energy field that opposes and weakens the original solution field.

When you continue to propagate the hope, trust and solution frequencies, other minds in your space will resonate with you frequency. They will vibrate your frequency and amplify it. This creates a strong solution transmission and facilitates picking up the ideas of that frequency. However, there is a challenge here. The crowd vibes during a problem, obstacle or a challenging request is focused on the existence of a problem. Due to the mass focus on the problem, you can by mistake keep picking up the problem-frequency not the solution ones.

The variations in the industrial processes

To have an eye opening about what can be challenging in the industry and affects the maintenance as a part of the business environment, you can use the below list.

Firstly, industry is any set of processes that yields a saleable output. This output can be physical, soft or a service. Types of industries were explained in details in this chat: what is an industry?

Secondly, Any process even a clerical one has some inputs that the process processes to produce some output.

Examples of processes: Selling cinema tickets is a process, producing a Mercedes is a process, customizing a Bugatti is a process and, maintaining the production equipment working is also a process.

The variables can be:

  • The raw material, its availability, prices
  • Parts to be assembled, mismatching parts
  • Delivery dates of process input
  • Market demand increase or decrease
  • Market Trends changing
  • Technology changes and obsoleteness
  • Packaging material, its trends, supplies, regulations, customer preferences
  • Pandemics
  • Shortage in manpower
  • Migrating to cloud operations
  • Regulations, usually tend to get tighter
  • Climate change and net-zero target and the new regulations they impose
  • Competition, new comers to the market
  • Aging of equipment, manpower and community
  • New projects, upgrades, expansions
  • Cost reduction
  • Strategic stocks criticality and the affect of the global market on them
  • Economy fluctuations
  • Weather, temp abnormally increase\decrease, quantity of rain, etc.
  • Vibes, mood inside the company and in the local and global communities
  • Unrest

Challenges for Maintenance

Maintenance process and maintenance team are parts of the business environment. That’s why they are affected by any fluctuation in those variables. Moreover, they contribute to the healthiness of the business environment. So any one or more of the above lists of variations that can happen to the business throws its shade over the maintenance process. The only escape is to tune your vibes and that of your team to the correct frequency.

In Conclusion,

Even though we are humans, we act in part like transmitting and receiving antennas. Understanding the electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic waves applications can help us create an analogy with our life. We had explained how to tune your transmission to the correct frequency of the solution and how to shield yourself from the wrong broadcast. You can find also a list of what disrupts the business and consequently affects the maintenance process.

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