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The power of a new startup

Startup moments in our lives come as an energy boost. But, mastering new reality creation from these new beginnings needs a different mind set.

There is nothing better than a boost received from the energy of a new startup. The freshness and eagerness to create something new fuel the forward start up leap. Then it is up to you to pursue this level of enthusiasm with the new start or to leave to fade away with time. There are points on our timeline that we consider as new starts. Those points comes loaded with the energy needed to launch the ship to its journey. Then you need enough fuel or refuel to continue to your destination. Moreover, if you usually go astray, you need enough energy to detour back to your intended destination.

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You may like the new unintended shore that you reached. But, before deciding to stay there forever cross check your original plan. You have all the freedom to change, add to it or build upon it. In other words, you can change your destination or add stops on the way. Just make this consciously i.e. be aware of your choice; What is it? And, why did you chose it? Then when you come to reflect back on your efforts during the passed year, you would understand what has happened so far and why are you at this point and on this route.

The energy in a new personal start up

One of the typical startup points in our life that comes every year is the first day of a new year. Other startup points are seen in starting a new project, moving to a new job, a new home, a new city or country, getting married or having a baby. Those points might seem as a real physical starting points while the new year not. hat’s seems true in the material world but everything can unfold as you intend for it.

In moving to a new job or a new city or country, you may do your best to maintain the same working and living conditions from before. Same routine, same food, same furniture with their least possible changes. Then, you had physically made a new start but emotionally and consciously you are incarnating your life before this restart point. So what is coming next is a copy of what had passed. In other words, you are trying intentionally to put down the sparks or the flame of the newness.

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While in welcoming a new year, we might have thoughts and hopes of making something different during this sun cycle. And, we pursue this plan till it materialize. That’s a conceptual starting point or startup that yielded a materialized change in life or work. By the way, changes or new addon to our life can be of the soft nature like changing perceptions or attitude.
So after 365 days when we meet the sun in the same location again we reflect back on our journey during this year and see what came true from our original plan 365 days before, What had changed and, What new things were added.

Did we change in the right direction?

We need something to compare the current condition with. So we can start the year with stock taking of where we are now. Then, we plan what we plan to do in the coming cycle. After that we start the journey sure that we shall reach our destination or a better one. Our plans need to start simple. When you plan to change your home, you take a process from stating to thinking to budgeting to searching. Then you reflect back on your dream. You might tune it a little bit, add some details or even postpone it till another target is achieved because they are interlinked. There is no wrong or right selections of detours. But every decision would take us into a different destination.

Some targets for a new year startup

You can start by writing a daily journal, learning a new thing, changing your life style a little. But, consistency is what shall bring it into reality.

For me, I think of putting this article as the opening of a book that I shall write during this year about consciousness in work place. That’s mixing awareness of work, life and self context. This enables us to understand how things are running. Then we can make more deliberate decisions and reach new heights.

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We are a mix of all what we know, feel, think and do. You can’t live each of theses as a separate silo. Because the container is one; You. However when we learn some of the spirituality concepts we tend to use out of the work context. We think that it belongs to the free time or when I’m in an isolated space that prevents distraction. That’s really needed when doing a meditation, tai-chi or yoga. But the reality of spirituality is in connecting to your spirit or higher self. That is needed in every moment of life not only in our spare time. But we might need a sanctuary from everyday distractions to be able to start this practice. Then we can take it to our normal daily context.

The ultimate target is to listen and understand the needs and guiding from your self, soul, body and, mind. We had a series about this on our well-being website, you can start from this article to delve more: Key Four, Physical Body, The battlefield.

Digital targets for the new year startup

Another target is delving more into the AI and ML world. The digital skills world seems like a rabbit hole that you can never get out of. Or, as an addiction, where once the flow starts, you can’t stop yourself from getting deeper and exploring new frontiers of the digital skills world.

We had started a journey to enlighten the digital skills world as a support to the maintenance skills. You can start reading this series of articles here: Digital Skills for Maintenance – Part1: dbase.

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That’s surely while we continue to create new training materials and upgrading our exiting ones. You can find our digital services and coaching in this link: Store for Maintenance and Digital Services. Our trainings on Udemy platform are all on this page and displayed along this article. You will find discounts for the maintenance digital track all over Jan23 for welcoming the new year:

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Mixing the maintenance and digital skills open new possibilities for the maintenance teams specially in a world shifting towards digital services more and more every single day. May be as a manager or a supervisor or even a practitioner, you can spot the skills in others and utilize it for the best of the work place. However, mixing skills to yield a new improved version of yourself or those around you is a totally different skill. We shall talk about this soon.

In conclusion,

Startup moments in our lives come as an energy boost. But, mastering new reality creation from these new beginnings needs a different mind set. This is specially required when the new beginning is a conceptual not a physical one. The new year is not an exception. The first of January is one of the days of the year like any other day. But, seeing it as a new start for a better now and a prosperous next needs some awareness. That’s what we had talked about so far in this article.

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